The Apocalypse Philosophy
A note on “Dark Side of the Mind” by Giacomo Mantovani

The good and evil forces represent processes that have begun by ancient Greek literature and philosophy or older than this era that expressed a concept named “Dualism” before they are being scrutinized and find their exposition in the movie. Obviously, the diminution of dualism to simple and straight paradoxical issues like good and evil can be considered not so wise and deep thoughts but we can suppose them as presentable signs and symbols in the text [text as art context]. The philosophy work is to inspect that which side of this paradoxical phenomena has really exist, or by the other words which one of them is coordinating the other one and which one is really false. We can’t explain these subjective and extensive things like good and evil by exact sciences, the reason that PHILOSOPHY rises up. The Dark Side of the Mind movie, points right this matter, the matter of evil force, by paying attention to these philosophical and analytical manners. The 2 minutes movie, mentions the greatest human subjective concerns. The movie represents a question: Is evil a coordination point in the paradoxical phenomena or it has integrated by the good?

Arthur Schopenhauer has expressed this dualistic discussion as “will to power” in his writings, so extensive as like as phenomenological Husserl’s points and there is a main context in his words: “To Frighten”. Will to power is frightening human race as well. It seems that human is so alone and isolated against that. The movie approaches to this concept but when it reaches to the mirror [the knowledge symbol] is keeping out that because the “will to power” resist against recognizing in the Schopenhauer’s mind, if we can recognize that, there is no need to frighten. The mirror can be philosophy in the movie, a place to contact or approach “idea” and “phenomena” relative to each other but there is no exact contact by them and “the evil” is coordinating and has originality. We have to pay attention that the positive character in movie pushes the apocalypse button and destroys the world after he sees “himself” and “blood” in the mirror.

Two characters in movie are really one, so the author is fighting by dualism and he says there is no ideal world. In the other hand, movie approaches to “will” concept, a person wills to terminate dark and horrible human life instead of GOD. In the author’s point of view, this world is the dark side of the mind and the other side is neither a phenomena nor a notion, but the “apocalypse philosophy”. The author confirms Nietzsche’s word that says “God is dead” unwanted, the meaning is will to power, to create super human.

The movie is so strong in form, directing and compositions are valuable but the actors are trying to represent a “type” instead of a “personality”. There is no need to make “types” in such subjective plots. I will wait for author’s first long movie, and I hope him to rise in European cinema art strongly.

Hootan Zangenehpour, Film maker and critic